With new innovation comes new questions and we are here to answer as many as we can for you! If we do not address your question here below please feel free to email us at


Does your product contain dairy?

No, we kept the recipe “black” so that our loyal customers could doctor their spiked cold brew accordingly to their own tastes.


Brewers doesn’t seem to be carbonated as high as other Ready-to-drink products? Is that on purpose?

Yes, because coffee is traditionally consumed as a “still” beverage we decided on a lower carbonation level for Brewers to allow customers to have the same experience when drinking our spiked coffee as they have with their morning joe.


Can I add sugar or artificial sweeteners to Brewers?

Yes, we have only slightly sweetened the product with the use of toffee and when you cold brew coffee there is a natural sweetness that shines through so if your preference is a “double double” or say a “triple triple” then you’ll want to and absolutely can add any type of sweetener to your spiked coffee!


Can I blend Brewers in a blender with ice?


Where is Brewers Cold Hard Coffee made?

We cold brew and can our coffee in Oakville, Ontario.


Is Brewers made with ethically sourced coffee beans?

Yes, we work very closely with a large Toronto wholesaler to source our arabica coffee beans directly from Colombia from their trusted coffee farmers guaranteeing us some of the freshest and most premium coffee beans available.

How much caffeine is in a can of Brewers?

Brewers Cold Hard Coffee has less than 30 mg of natural caffeine per can. In comparison, a typical cup of black coffee can have anywhere from 100-200 mg of caffeine. We have kept the caffeine low so you don’t have to worry about becoming a night owl by having a can or two after dinner!